New Build: Baritone Guitar Under Construction

I’m taking a break from ukuleles and building a guitar–a baritone guitar.  It will have a 28″ scale (3″ longer than most normal guitars), and while the body is a standard size Grand Auditorium, the neck is longer and the interior top bracing needs to be shifted and slightly beefed up.  It will be tuned in “b”–a fourth below normal guitar tuning.  The body is curly claro walnut with mahogany back bracing, center reinforcement, side reinforcement, and linings.  The top is lutz spruce and is decorated with a walnut burl and gold MOP sound hole ring.  The back is attached to the sides, but top is not since I am still working on the bracing.

Top Bracing

Sound Hole Ring

Back and Sides

Back Interior


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