New Build: Baritone Guitar Under Construction

I’m taking a break from ukuleles and building a guitar–a baritone guitar.  It will have a 28″ scale (3″ longer than most normal guitars), and while the body is a standard size Grand Auditorium, the neck is longer and the interior top bracing needs to be shifted and slightly beefed up.  It will be tuned in “b”–a fourth below normal guitar tuning.  The body is curly claro walnut with mahogany back bracing, center reinforcement, side reinforcement, and linings.  The top is lutz spruce and is decorated with a walnut burl and gold MOP sound hole ring.  The back is attached to the sides, but top is not since I am still working on the bracing.

Top Bracing

Sound Hole Ring

Back and Sides

Back Interior


Concert Ukulele Finished December 2011

Here’s a new ukulele that I finished in December 2011.  It’s a concert size featuring all curly koa body, with koa bindings, mahogany neck, ebony fingerboard, bridge, and head stock, Grover open-back tuners, and bone nut and saddle.  The inlay is  maile leaves in paua abalone and vine in gold mother of pearl.   It is very easy to play, and sounds great.  Here are some pictures:

Concert Ukulele, Detail

Concert Ukulele, Full


Concert Ukulele, Front View

Concert Ukulele, Back View

Just Finished: Tenor Ukulele

Just finished a new tenor ukulele.  It is a commission and the buyer is picking it up today.  It sounds and plays as great as it looks.  It’s an all koa body (moderately figured) with maple body binding, mahogany neck, ebony fingerboard, bridge, and head plate, bone saddle and nut, and Grover, black buttoned tuners.  Not much decoration on this one (the buyer wanted simple), but I did include black/white/black purfling on the top and back, a paua abalone sound hole ring, and a simple paua abalone letter “G” (the buyer’s initial) on the head stock.

2011-tenor-front-side  2011-tenor-back  2011-tenor-back-side2011-tenor-front