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Ukulele Construction

Ukuleles are enjoying a resurgence of popularity.  Anyone can learn to play simple chord songs and young players
like Jake Shimabukuro have shown us how sublime the instrument is when played by a virtuoso.

Ukuleles are essentially small guitars with 4  strings  and tuned with the familiar “my dog has fleas” arrangement.  This is referred to as “re-entrant” tuning because the fourth string, normally the lowest pitch of the four strings, is tuned an octave higher sounding at a pitch between the third string and the first.

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Sample Music

Here is a song played by Kevin Mason on a tenor ukulele and sung by Suzan McQueen:

Tonight You Belong To Me, Vocals: Suzan McQueen

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Ukulele Gallery

Two different ukes are shown below–a concert size with a body of hawaiian koa (back, sides, and top) and a slightly larger tenor size with a body of padauk with a spruce top.

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