Baritone Guitar with Wave Inlay, May 2013

I recently finished a baritone guitar with a new inlay design.  The guitar features  curly Claro Walnut back and sides, Lutz Spruce top, Walnut neck and bindings, and Ebony head plate, finger board, and bridge.  It has a 28.04 inch scale and is tune to “B”, a fourth below normal guitar tuning.  The sustain and richness of the sound is amazing.  There’s an earlier post below that has construction shots.

My inlay is a kind of deconstruction of the famous Japanese print called “The Great Wave at Kanagawa”  by the early nineteenth-century artist Katsushika Hokusai, and other similar Japanese prints.  The inlay materials are white, black, and gold mother of pearl, laminated Agoya shell, and blue lapis reconstituted stone.

Baritone Baritone Walnut Back Wave Inlay Fretboard Wave Inlay Head Stock Wave Inlay Full Fretboard Baritone Bridge

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