Long-Neck Soprano with Cardinal Inlay

Recently completed in early 2017, here’s a Long-Neck Soprano Ukulele (soprano body with a concert neck and scale) made of Claro Walnut (back and sides), Lutz Spruce (top), Mahogany (neck), Koa (binding and sound hole ring), and Indian Rosewood (fingerboard and bridge) with Grover Gold open-back tuners.  The instrument features a special inlay of a male Cardinal perched on a branch that extends down onto the fingerboard and ends with an Apple blossom.  The longer string length (14.7″) makes the instrument easier to play, enhances the tonal qualities of the soprano body, and helps to make this ukulele sing sweetly.

LN Soprano

Full frontal view

Inlay detail

Side and front view

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